1. Howdy Cuz:

    Watched EVERY video! Good to hear your voice and
    hear a brief view of your career at TTI!

    Also,as time goes by,you sure remind me,as a kid,of
    your Dad (my Uncle Dock).

    Cuz Jack

  2. Tommy Tomoff says

    Wow, Dock! That’s really neat! I really enjoyed watching all these videos! Boy, your voice has changed through the decades!
    Don’t forget that if it hadn’t been for me, you never would have made it out of Bryan! We had to use my car to put the Uhaul, since the VW BUG wasn’t powerful enough to haul it!
    I’ve always enjoyed knowing you, and appreciated your company. I am a Joel Osteen type Jesus Freak, and so my view of life is totally impartial. It sure is awesome that I finally stumbled upon you on Facebook! You’ll always be my buddy! Jesus wants us to be loving and forgiving.
    God bless you, and your family. I hope you’ll friend me on Facebook.


    Tommy Tomoff
    [email protected]
    3106 Linwood Ave.
    Unit 31B
    Royal Oak, Michigan 48073
    (248)877-2286 .could be phone tag. Keep trying till you get me

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